Nexsemi Solutions, a premier Automotive solutions firm, expanded on a large scale in the past few years, leading to transformation in the enterprise working structure with the emerging technologies like electrification, predictive analysis etc. To cope up with new era demands, we expertised our automotive specialists to span next gen services of Software Development, System Engineering, Production Support, Aftermarket services, Compliance with Standards, Testing, and integration of New Technologies and New Services,  to meet your dynamic expectations. With our rigorous testing methodologies, and a customer-centric approach, we empowered our clients to stay ahead of the curve and drive success in today’s rapidly evolving automotive landscape.

Automotive Solutions:

Production Support

In the fast evolving world with advanced systems, by keeping in this view our engineers formulated production support services to ensure your smooth operation and maintenance of automotive systems. Our services include Automotive Level Flashing, for enabling seamless software updates and enhancements across various Electronic Control Units (ECUs). Additionally, we created Engineering level debugging Tools, which facilitates efficient troubleshooting and resolution of software issues at the development level.Furthermore, our Central Server Based Flashing capabilities allow us for streamlined deployment of software updates to all ECUs within an automotive environment for ensuring consistency and reliability across the entire fleet. We are adept at addressing customer issues and performing maintenance tasks in workshops, maximizing uptime solutions for automotive systems..


 For your diverse needs, We specialized our services in addressing Customer Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that provide innovative solutions to keep align with your specific requirements and objectives. Our expertise extends to parameters that enable specific features, for allowing customers to customize and optimize their automotive systems according to your preferences and needs.

We offer comprehensive support in the form of user manuals and special configuration kits to empower your users with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively utilize and maintain their automotive systems and enhance user satisfaction and drive long-term success.


 We set the highest Automotive Standards to ensure your reliability, safety, and performance of automotive Our team created a wide range of standards, including Classic AUTOSAR and Adaptive AUTOSAR, which provide standardized frameworks for your automotive software architecture and development. We always match industry-specific standards such as ISO 26262, for ensuring the functional safety of automotive systems, and J14299, to outline requirements for your automotive electronic control unit (ECU) software development. Not only that we created communication standards also like the CAN Protocol, facilitating robust and reliable data exchange between automotive components.

Nexsemi proudly adheres to deliver high-quality, safe, and innovative automotive solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry and customers.


We designed Automotive Testing services through comprehensive and rigorous testing methodologies for channeling the real world scenarios. Our engineers created leveraging tools such as CANalyzer, CANnope, and Vectorcast, to test your CAN communication and protocol compliance. We specialized ourselves in ADAS Testing, to ensure the functionality and effectiveness of advanced driver-assistance systems.

Nexsemi Solutions extended to SIL, MIL & HIL testing, to simulate various environments for validating the software and hardware components of automotive systems. Our industry standards such as ISO 26262 and Misra C, ensure compliance with safety and coding guidelines.

System Engineering

 We newly created Automotive System Engineering services to regulate the seamless integration and optimal performance with the help of leveraging tools such as IBM DOORs and SE tools, that meticulously manage requirements and system architecture, also ensure alignment with project objectives and customer needs.

With our focus on DevOps and Integration, we pledged to streamline development processes and facilitate seamless collaboration between teams for efficient delivery of high-quality automotive solutions.

Cloud Computing & Cyber Security

We are at the forefront of embracing and implementing cutting-edge Technologies to revolutionize the automotive industry. We leveraged new technologies such as Cloud Computing and IoT, to develop innovative solutions that will enhance connectivity and scalability and enable seamless data management and analysis across automotive ecosystems. Our team of specialists focussed on cyber Security to provide robust protection against potential threats, safeguarding sensitive automotive data and systems.

Advanced Automotive Solutions

We redefined the driving experience and shaped the future of mobility through innovative solutions, that including Autonomous Driving, where you can develop cutting-edge technologies to enable safer and more efficient autonomous vehicles and connectivity solutions to enhance communication and interaction between vehicles, infrastructure, and the surrounding environment that will pave the way for smarter transportation systems.

We offer comprehensive logistics solutions to optimize fleet management and transportation operations, for saving your time and cost-effective delivery of goods and services.

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