Very Large-Scale Integration

NexSemi Systems, believes in a futuristic approach to solve all problems of semiconductor companies. We offer comprehensive solutions that cover full custom design, custom layout, AMS verification, HDL entry and verification, synthesis, physical design, FPGA synthesis, and emulation etc. To achieve long term goals in robust architectures, rigorous verification methodologies, and optimized trade-offs in area, power, and performance, we created VLSI services to serve the highest quality and reliability in semiconductor design.

VLSI Services:

Full Custom (Analog/Digital/Std cell) Design

We specialized in Full Custom (Analog / Digital / Std cell) Design that based on approach begins with defining robust architectures and seamlessly integrating analog components, for ensuring optimal performance and functionality. With a state-of-the-art system design approach, we put control of area, power, and performance directly into the hands of our designers, allowing for precise optimization according to your project requirements.

Custom Layout

For crafting the physical embodiment of semiconductor designs, our process begins with defining the floorplan and our team experts strategically organize components to maximize efficiency and minimize signal interference, for laying the groundwork for success. We then translate architectural specifications into detailed layout drawings with precision, while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

AMS Verifications

We offer advanced AMS verification services to ensure the robustness and reliability of semiconductor designs. While moving with advancement, we recognised a new domain emerging that include post-layout spice simulations, allowing us to thoroughly validate the functionality and performance of analog-mixed signal circuits in real-world conditions..

HDL & Verification

We encompass micro-architecture design, where you can meticulously define the underlying structure and functionality of complex digital systems. With proficiency in HDL entry using languages such as VHDL, Verilog, and System Verilog, we improved implementation and compatibility across diverse platforms. By establishing systematic approaches to testing and validation, we guaranteed 100+ enterprises for the reliability and correctness of our designs, mitigating risks and product quality.

Synthesis & Design for Test (DFT)

We excel ourselves in providing comprehensive solutions to ensure the reliability and testability of the semiconductor industry. Not only limited to a particular domain, as we extended to synthesis , to create pre-layout static timing analysis (STA), to ensure optimal performance and timing closure before physical implementation. Our team defined robust DFT strategies, including the integration of JTAG, SCAN, MBIST, and LBIST techniques while incorporating these methodologies into the design process, enabling efficient testing and fault detection during manufacturing and post-manufacturing stages, thereby in return enhancing product quality and yield.

Physical Design

We conduct these services through sign-off analysis, encompassing Static Timing Analysis (STA), power analysis, and Physical Verification (PV) and that designs will meet your stringent quality and reliability standards.

FPGA Synthesis

In the process of FPGA Synthesis, we excel in providing comprehensive solutions that encompasses such as defining DFT (Design for Test) strategies to ensure optimal testing methodologies, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of FPGA designs.

Emulation & GLS

For leveraging the demands of industry-leading Palladium emulation, we created emulation & Gate Level Simulation (GLS) services,. that extended to conducting both zero and non-zero timing gate-level simulations, through newly developed solutions such as reset propagation and timing analysis..

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