Make yourself ready to experience next Gen software solutions with our QA & Testing services.

Our software Quality & Automation services help to create quality products and strengthen your business name.

As a leading software testing and automation company, we serve best testing solutions to make you stand out.  We, at Nexsemi, from past years providing extensive software testing services. Our accomplishment motivated us to effectively handle all client’s requirements by offering them superior quality products with reducing potential damage. We came a long way from traditional validation to specialized testing and our QA engineers work dedicatedly to ensure data, applications, solutions should be validated end to end.

Q & A Automation Services :

Get access to our QA & testing services from our leading firm in many ways, some listed below :


We analyzed the domain of Quality Assurance (QA) and Automation, and debugging tools plays a critical role in maintaining the smooth functioning and reliability of software products. Our team excels through debug processes that begin with the analysis of all field sightings and to identify root causes accurately. Through meticulous root cause analysis, we uncover the underlying issues affecting software performance and functionality, enabling us to propose possible fixes or workarounds effectively.


In developing robust Automation Frameworks tailored to our clients’ needs, we utilized languages such as Python, Perl, C++, and Java Script. We extended to the development of Automation scripts that enable seamless integration into Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines for efficient and automated testing processes.

We specialized in Automation Test development, generating comprehensive reports through our dedication to automation excellence and aim to empower organizations for streamlining testing efforts, improve efficiency, and achieve greater reliability in their software solutions.


We specialized in comprehensive validation processes for ensuring the reliability and functionality of software across multiple platforms. Our team develops, maintains, and automates validation procedures for Chromium, Windows, Linux, and Android platforms, guaranteeing compatibility and performance across diverse environments. We believe in craft test content and prepare test plans, encompassing both manual and automated testing methodologies, to thoroughly evaluate software functionality.

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