The Customer:

Use of NXP BLE/WiFI Development of BLE/WiFi single and Combo chipset firmware development for testing in Pune location


Business challenge

In order to run with time, the customer sought to establish a skilled team of 15 members that have expertise in BLE/WiFi to create a layer 1 in just 2 months.


Solutions and Impact:

NexSemi committed to understanding their client’s weak points, that’s why we stepped into NXP’s box to identify and overcome the challenges efficiently. We have completed a task to provide a skilled architect with 20 years of experience and a Team Lead who have around 8 years of domain experience in just less than 45 days. Our proactive approach formed a team of 15 members that worked across different Chipset variants and feature enhancements and supported customer issues.

Our specialization is in BLE/WiFI PHY/MAC firmware level as well as support BLE/WiFi stack across different platforms. We actively contributed in their DevOps Positions and offered Android, IOT and Cloud Application support.

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