The Customer:

Use of Microchip MCU32/64 Firmware and Peripheral Driver and Tools Development


Business challenge

Frustrated with lack of skills, the customer was in need of developers who have a rare combination of expertise in embedded design with Java and MPLAB Tool support to complete the unique demand that was open for 6 months before Nexsemi stepped in.


Solutions and Impact:

NexSemi has a clear vision to set a big difference, and we closed this position in exactly 21 days, which makes a remarkable contribution to Microchip.

We have grown up as a large producer of MicroChip and even handled projects with complete ownership. Our team of 8 members was responsible for working on MCU32/MCU64 and in handling I2C/SPI/UART/CAN peripheral drivers. We also worked on AWS and AZURE Cloud based Application development to support Microchip.

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